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Fire alarm using Arduino

Fire alarm using Arduino
Fire alarm using Arduino

Connect Buzzer+ to Arduino D11

Connect Buzzer- to Arduino GND

Connect Sensor+ to Arduino 5v

Connect Sensor- to Arduino GND

Connect Sensor OUT to Arduino D8


// This code is witten by Mridul Hasan content creator @ (Hobby Tech BD) YouTube Channel
// Powerd by Radiogear BD an Electronis, Robotics @ RC Store
// website:
int buzzer = 11;
int sensor = 8;
void setup() {
pinMode (buzzer, OUTPUT);
pinMode (sensor, INPUT);
digitalWrite (buzzer, HIGH);
delay (1000);
void loop() {
int sen = digitalRead(sensor);
if (sen == LOW)
digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH);
delay (2000);

digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW);

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