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Desoldering Pum Solder Sucker Pro’sKit DP-366D High Quality


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Description: Desoldering Sucker Pro’sKit DP-366D

ProsKit DP-366D Handheld Desoldering Pump Piston With Double Oil Seal 210mm Anti Rust Spring Portable Tin Suction Manual Solder Sucker Pump Soldering Suction Pump

Electrically operated pumps are used for several purposes in conjunction with a hand-held head connected by a tube.Suction pumps are used to suck away molten solder, leaving previously joined terminals disconnected. They are primarily used to release through-hole connections from a PCB. The desoldering head must be designed so that the extracted solder does not solidify so as to obstruct it, or enter the pump, and can be removed and discarded easily. It is not possible to remove a multi-pin part by melting solder on the pins sequentially, as one joint will solidify as the next is melted; pumps and solder wick are among methods to remove solder from all joints, leaving the part free to be removed.

Suction pumps are also used with a suction head appropriate for each part to pick up and remove tiny surface mount devices once solder has melted, and to place parts.Hot air pumps blow air hot enough to melt all the solder around a small surface mounted part, and can be used for soldering parts in place, and for desoldering followed by removal before the solder solidifies by a vacuum pump or with tweezers. Hot air has a tendency to oxidise metals; a non-oxidising gas, usually nitrogen, can be used instead of air, at increased cost of equipment and consumables.


  • High vacuum force
  • Specially designed to offset circuit boards
  • Rustproof spring
  • Built-in edge, easy to replace
  • Helps clear Soler residue in a quick and easy way
  • Ideal desoldering tool for circuit board repairing
  • Piston with double oil seals: no air leakage guarantee
  • Handle with soft foam provides comfortable operation, non-slip.
  • Compact and lightweight, anti-corrosive plastic housing
  • Spring loaded piston with one button release
  • Anti-rust lasting spring and easy replaceable tip
  • Quick and easy solder residue clearance


  • Condition: Brand New
  • Brand : Pro’sKit
  • Model : DP-366D
  • Color : Black
  • Material : ABS
  • Length: 21 cm
  • Net Weight: 60 g

How to Use:

  • a. Place the tip of the nozzle against the solder you wish to remove.
  • b. When the solder melts, push the knob and a retracting plunger creates a strong power.
  • c. Easy to use, simply depress the plunger, place the tip of the nozzle against the solder you wish to remove.
  • d. When the solder melts, push the release button and a retracting plunger creates a strong vacuum at the tip, removing the melted solder.
  • Tips for Maintenance:
  • 1.Turning cylinder counter clockwise and take down the cylinder.
  • 2.Clean the piston and the inner cylinder with a brush, then oil the piston ring.
  • 3.Carefully assembly the plunger in the cylinder.

Operation Manual:

  • 1. Put the tin suctioner piston downward pressure to get stuck.
  • 2. Heating solder joints to solder melting with electric soldering iron.
  • 3. Remove the iron and quickly put the tin suctioner resistance paste solder, solder sucker and press the button.
  • 4. If It is not clean at one time and can be repeated many times.

Using skills

  • 1. To ensure good solder sucker piston seal. Before electricity, with your fingers to plug hole solder sucker head, solder sucker head to press the button, if the piston is not easy to pop into place, that the seal is good.
  • 2. The aperture tin suctioner heads are of different sizes, select the appropriate specifications.
  • 3. Tin suctioner head wears, should replace the new one.
  • 4. Solder paste is dipped in a little bit of rosin before contact with solder to improve solder fluidity.
  • 5. Head contact pads are slightly longer, when solder melts, the solder joint pin as the center, then hand out in a clockwise direction to draw a circle, and then press the button tin suctioner.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Soldering Suction Pump ProsKit DP-366D Handheld Desoldering Pump Piston With Double Oil Seal 210mm Anti Rust Spring Portable Tin Suction Manual Solder Sucker Pump Soldering Remove Vacuum Pump

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